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Choosing Decking Boards: Why Red Oak is the Perfect Choice

Dreaming of a beautiful deck where you can spend lazy afternoons and summer evenings becomes increasingly real. However, before we start planning outdoor furniture or decorative planters, it’s important to properly take care of the foundation – decking boards. The choice of material can have a huge impact on the durability and aesthetics of your deck. That’s why we want to present you our proposition: red oak boards.

Why Red Oak?

Oak is known for its strength and elegant appearance. In our offer, you’ll find boards made of red oak, which are even more exclusive. Red oak wood is not only beautiful but also exceptionally durable. That’s why it’s an ideal choice for decking boards

Why Red Oak Over Pine and Larch?

While pine and larch are commonly used for decking, red oak offers several advantages. Firstly, red oak is significantly denser and harder than pine, making it more resistant to scratches and dents. Additionally, red oak has a more attractive grain pattern and natural color variation compared to pine, providing a richer and more sophisticated look to your deck. Similarly, when compared to larch, red oak boasts better stability and resistance to decay, ensuring a longer lifespan for your deck.

Why Our Boards?

In our family-owned carpentry company, we produce decking boards from the highest quality red oak. Our history spans many generations, and our experience in carpentry is unparalleled. We pay attention to every detail to deliver products to our customers that exceed expectations.

Production Process

Our red oak boards are carefully dried and oiled in the chosen color. This allows the wood to maintain its natural beauty and strength while acquiring the characteristic look of a deck. The boards are grooved, which not only makes them more durable but also prevents water from pooling on the surface, which is crucial for maintaining the deck in good condition for many years.

Mix Lengths for an Impressive Effect

We offer our boards in packages of mixed lengths, allowing you to create an impressive look for your deck, resembling an extension of your living room. This unconventional arrangement adds character and elegance to your deck, making it the perfect place for relaxation and family gatherings.


If you’re looking for decking boards that are not only beautiful but also durable and unique, our red oak boards are the ideal choice. Produced by a multi-generational family of carpenters, our boards are a guarantee of quality and style. Give your deck a new lease on life with our red oak boards – explore our range now!

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